“Mom, what if we get 100 views?”

I had just published a very amateur and simple video to YouTube  to help in my efforts to raise money for Type 1 Diabetes research and to raise awareness. My children were beside themselves that they were on YouTube, they could not get over it.

As the day went by we noticed that we were soon up to 49 views. My son, asked “Mom, what if we get 100 views?, That would be amazing”. In his excitement I realized that to him 100 felt like a million. I took a minute and thought “Well, it could be possible to get 100 views“, but I wasn’t confident it would happen. By then my son and daughter had already started to brainstorm about how we would say thank you to everyone that had watched our video. I heard everything from 100 chocolate kisses to 100 farts. Yes, farts. What 7 and 9 year old doesn’t find it hysterical to think of farting 100 times. I was grateful when I heard them mention hearts. I probed their creative process, I was intrigued,  I asked them what they meant by “100 hearts”. They looked at each other and said, “We’ll send out 100 hearts”. Perfect. But never did we think that we would now be at 390 views.


2 thoughts on ““Mom, what if we get 100 views?”

  1. Sue and Mark

    Zoe, Logan, Denise, & Tony —
    How lovely to come home on a cold, snowy day and find warm, homemade bread waiting for us!
    Very yummy! Thank you so much for sharing your bread and story with us. It’s wonderful to have neighbors like you 🙂

    Sue and Mark Ponsor

    1. miles4moms Post author

      Sue and Mark,

      It was our pleasure, keeping in the spirit of doing small things to brighten someone’s day 🙂 Logan and Zoe were excited to deliver the bread and we are gearing up for more deliveries tomorrow. Glad you enjoyed the bread, felt like the perfect day for baking 😉 We are grateful to have you as neighbors too! -Denise, Tony, Logan and Zoe


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