Run from the heart…

Logan was up in the middle of the night last night, he was feeling a little disoriented, and a little emotional, all signs that his blood sugar is most likely high. I am lucky that my husband, Tony, is able to get up during the night and quickly fall back asleep as he is the one that does most of the nightly checks. Me on the other hand, once I am wake up I’m up and I have a hard time falling back asleep. I was laying there listening to their sleepy conversation, Tony trying to find the kit without turning on too many lights, Logan wanting to go back to bed. I heard the click of the poker, once, twice and then the tears. Logan began crying because the poker wasn’t working and he knew he was facing another poke to get blood. In that moment my heart felt like it was in a vice.

Ever since Logan’s diagnosis six years ago I have felt steady and able to move forward gracefully, though in these past few months I have never wanted a cure so badly. With that in mind I faced the trail this morning with heart and determination to continue advocating, sharing and teaching.

Logan’s practice sheet, “Mom’s Heart My Heart”



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