Locked in, Locked out

Logan and Zoe will be quick to tell you that I have locked us out of our current house twice now. It won’t make sense to you, and it’s not worth the explanation, but we have two sets of keys and one does not have the house key on it. Not hard to figure out which set I grabbed today as I ran out the door.

Luckily Logan and Zoe are pretty adventurous and creative, so they weren’t phased by the Image061030 minutes it took Tony to rescue us. They kept themselves busy, soaking up the sun in the back yard and then sliding down the ice on the driveway.Image0611(1)

When I realized that I had the wrong keys, my first thought was, “How can I break in?”, and then my thoughts naturally go right to “What’s Logan’s blood sugar? do I have snacks? water? ” One thing I have never forgotten is Logan’s kit. It’s always with me, all the time, everywhere I go. I’m pretty organized and at times I may appear to be over-prepared, or freakishly worried to someone that doesn’t know that I am the mother of child who’s life depends on insulin.

Being outside with the kids, seeing them laying in the sun, grateful that it happened on a sunny day, made me think about Logan’s needs in a time like this. Things happen and I have to trust that I am prepared, if not then I trust that the right resources will be available and the right people will be there to assist us. I’m not naive, there could be a time that this isn’t true, but I believe it is quite rare.

Speaking of rare, about two years ago we were locked in a craft store because of a tornado. It was raining when we left the house, but it didn’t feel threatening, what’s a little rain? I had just come out of the restroom with Zoe and a sales clerk was gathering everyone up and telling us that we had to go to the back of the store, and that we could not leave. “What do you mean we can’t leave?” It seemed so bizarre at the time. A tornado had touched down and we were locked in until we heard otherwise. I remember thinking that it was o.k., they had water and candy if we needed it and I had snacks in my purse, but I did wonder if I had enough insulin and strips for a lengthy stay. After about an hour and a half, we were eventually let out, but the experience did change the way I thought about being prepared for something so unexpected.

Emergency preparedness is always at the back of my mind, whenever I read about natural disasters, hurricanes, tornadoes and the like, I always think about the people that need medical care and if they were prepared. Most people are not. I can tell you right now, that we have back up supplies but I don’t know if we have enough for an emergency and we don’t have a specific emergency kit. Guess what just got added to my to-do list.

A few summers ago it was raining and we had flash flooding when we were out running errands, (seriously folks, we don’t intentionally go out during bad weather, it just seems to happen that way for us…..which is all the more reason for us to be prepared). We were three blocks from our house, three blocks and we could not get to it. We tried from all directions and we could not get through, everything was blocked off because of the flooding. It was the strangest thing, to be so close to our house and not be able to get to it. We ended up staying at a local hotel, not even a mile from where we lived. Luckily we had enough supplies with us, including Logan’s 24-hr insulin, his Lantus. This is a shot that he gets at night, so we could have easily left it out of his kit. Yes, there is typically a Walgreen’s or a CVS on every corner, but if there is no power they are useless to us, the next stop I’m assuming, would be a hospital.

Things will happen and we can’t control anything, but we can be better prepared. It’s like thinking about the worst case scenario but not getting sucked into it and letting it paralyze you from living your life. Every unexpected experience has given me new insights on how we can be better prepared and I’m grateful for that.

With the recent news of hurricane Sandy tormenting the East Coast, most, if not all of us, probably considered what we would do in that situation and how we would keep our families safe with the resources we have. For me, I have to make sure that we do our best to have those resources on hand and to make sure we are prepared to keep Logan (and Zoe) safe.

I have always liked this picture, it was taken before Logan was diagnosed. When I look at it now I feel like is was a glimpse of what was to come, and also a reminder to be our own lifeguards, to the best of our abilities.

If you are reading this and you are living with someone that has Type 1 Diabetes I encourage you to take the steps to be prepared. I’ll let you know how my own emergency kit preparation goes. If you have already done that, kudos to you for making sure you are ready, and if you have any tips please share them with us. I would love to hear from you.

You can find helpful information at the websites listed below,




4 thoughts on “Locked in, Locked out

  1. linda

    Thanks for sharing your stories Denise. A couple years ago we replaced our old door lock, with keyless entry. A simple 4 digit code that our family, and a few friends know. Just one thing that has made life a little easier, and you’ll never have to worry about anyone being locked out again.

  2. Christine Voss

    Hi Denise! Thanks for an interesting and informative post. We all need to be prepared. We are so unprepared. Thanks for the reminder. Hope you are all well. xoxo.

    1. miles4moms Post author

      Thank you Christine, and thanks for reading! I know…thinking about being prepared made me realize how unprepared we are, hope all is well with you too! xoxo

  3. miles4moms Post author

    Thanks for reading! I love those keyless entry systems, we’ll have to get one in our next home, we are in a rental home right now. There is a keypad on the garage door but it doesn’t work. Great idea, thanks for mentioning it, the kids would love it…like you said never get locked out again 🙂


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