Hearts- 365


Phew, could these days go any faster? I hope not. This morning Logan and Zoe were chanting “15 more days until Christmas“…yikes! I’m not so freaked out about Christmas, it’s just that it gets me closer to my first 1/2 marathon, now that freaks me out.

As you may know, we are all about hearts and kindness, so it only seemed natural that our first advocacy project would be about hearts and kindness. Makes sense, right? We thought you’d agree.

Right now we are working on some projects for 2013 and we want to invite you to be a part of them. Our first one is “365 Hearts“, we are collecting heart photographs for our new friend Anna King. Some of you may know her, and if you don’t, well, let me just say that you are missing out on one great kid. I’m telling you, this kid is going places.

I had the wonderful opportunity to honor her and her mother in a post for my running blog, (you can follow the link below and take a peek if you’d like). You can also find her story at their family’s website, it’s one that you will want to bookmark, follow and no doubt share with your friends and family.



While you get to know Anna and her wonderful family we’ll be working on our “365 Hearts” project in their honor. We are always looking for a way to give Anna a heart until that wonderful day that she is blessed with a new one, and I’m hoping that you’ll join us.

DSCN0127So get going, enlist your kids, your friends, your family and send us your heart photo’s. We posted a few here to give you an idea of what we’re talking about and what you can be on the look out for. Just think, any time you see a heart, you’ll be thinking about Anna, and sending her good vibes and we all know that those are the best kind.

We are excited to share your photo’s and look forward to hearing form you. You can send them to the e-mail listed below, and while your at, it please feel free to let us know a little bit about your ‘heart’ sighting and we’ll do our best to include a few words with your photo. (We will not share any information without your permission, at best, we would like to at least include the location if possible.)

2013 is going to be a great year, I can just feel it. So much fun stuff happening and get ready because we are looking forward to taking it up a notch in our efforts to raise awareness for T1D. Along the way we know that we can never do this alone, so we are getting ready to help raise awareness for others too, first stop…the Anna King Project.

One thing our family has learned on this journey is that the long days are shorter when we are supporting each other, and that means you too. We know that everyone is out there raising awareness for the things that mean the most to them, and we’re with you all the way. As we continue to work hard to find a cure for T1D we’ll be raising awareness for others. Thank you for supporting us, encouraging us and for sharing your hearts with us…and Anna.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart”    Confucius

So what are you waiting for? Get out there, find those hearts and share them with us. We’ll be sure to post them, share them…one never knows where the heart will lead us. Have fun!

E-mail your hearts to: ddricke@gmail.com

Please add a few words letting us know that you give us permission to use your photo. We’d hate to hold up any hearts from being shared on our blog here, thanks!


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