Ask Logan and Zoe!

Get a kids perspective! Logan and Zoe are here to answer your questions about T1D. They look forward to hearing from you. You can ask us your questions here, or e-mail us at

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7 thoughts on “Ask Logan and Zoe!

  1. Becky Branski

    Very proud of you for all the awareness you bring about this disease. Your determination touches many hearts!

  2. Marsha Roetz-Martin

    I have some questions for Logan: Can he tell when his sugars are low (without checking)? What does it feel like? Also, can he describe what Type 1 Diabetes is to me?
    Here’s a question for Zoe: How can friends, family, and little sisters, help people with T1D stay healthy?

    1. miles4moms Post author

      Logan says: Well I kind of get crabby and sometimes that means that I’m low and my tummy feels hungry. My mom says that I get tired and have low energy when my blood sugar is low. I can’t always tell when I’m low or high but someday I will get better at it.

      It’s when your body (pancreas) doesn’t make insulin so you have to get insulin by getting shots. They’re isn’t a cure but I think they are working on one. I hope someday there is one so no one has to have diabetes anymore.

      Thank you for asking questions and learning more about Type 1 diabetes. Love, Logan

      Zoe says: Eat bananas, grapes and other fruits. Exercise like run or play outside. Make sure they check their blood sugar and do not sneak food without getting their shots. They should get a lot of rest too and drink lots of water.

      Thank you for your question, Love, Zoe

  3. Andrea Vetsch

    Hello guys!

    I have a question for each.

    Logan, you’re on my list of heroes! Now, how has Type 1 impacted your social life? Like spending time with friends or taking trips or even vacations?

    Zoe, first off you’re awesome! What is it like to be a sibling of someone with Type 1? What do you struggle with?

    1. miles4moms Post author

      Logan says: It’s pretty much normal, except sometimes we have to check and dose when we are in the car. We have to make sure we have enough travel snacks. My mom always has extra snacks with her and extra water whenever we go somewhere. That’s why she has a big purse. When we fly we have to take a note from my Doctor, and bring extra snacks just in case we get stuck on the plane or in line waiting to go through security.

      When I go to a friend’s house my mom makes sure that I have my blood sugar checked before I go and she leaves a diabetes chart and my kit with me and some snacks. The chart gives a list of symptoms of when my blood sugar is high or low, like if I’m thirsty or tired. I usually only stay for a short time at my friends house but sometimes my Mom will come and check my blood sugar and give me a shot if I stay longer.

      I’ve never had a sleepover, it would be better if someone stayed at our house because I get a every night at 8:30 (this is his long acting insulin, it is an additional shot that he gets with his food). A lot of times I wake up in the middle of the night, or my blood sugar needs to be checked and I might need a shot or a snack. We can NEVER forget my kit, it has my meter, strips, insulin and other stuff that I need. If it’s hot outside we need to put an ice pack in it so the insulin doesn’t get bad. I can do pretty much anything I want to but I just have to make sure that we have my supplies and it helps if other people that are with me know a little bit about my diabetes so they can help if I need it. I like to go places and do things, we just need to make a lot of plans before we go.

      Zoe says: Sometimes it’s hard to wait when Logan is getting his blood sugar checked or dosed. Sometimes I want my Mom or Dad to help me with something and I have to wait and sometimes we have to stop playing so Logan can get checked or dosed.

      It is hard sometimes when Logan gets crabby, which usually means he needs his blood sugar checked. Sometimes I try to talk to him when he’s crabby but he doesn’t know that his blood sugar is high and doesn’t always answer my questions. When Logan is acting like this I know that I have to tell him to check his blood sugar or tell my mom or dad to check his blood sugar. A good thing for me is that I have Cameron, my cousin, to talk to when I’m older, her sister Reagan has Type 1 Diabetes too. So Logan and Reagan can talk to each other and Cameron and me can talk to each other. They live in Florida but we visit them sometimes.

      Logan and Zoe both say: Thank you for the questions, they were really good. Say “hi” to Josiah!

      1. Kathleen Ricke

        I am very proud of both of you for the way you know so much information about T1D. Did you know that your great, great grandmother and grandfather Biesterfield (your dads great grandparents) on the Ricke side of your family had T2D, plus some of your geat aunts. Your dad can tell you, but no one every had T1D that we know of. You are both teaching who ever reads your web page so much about T1D, and that is very important. xo to you both.

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