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Running Shoes. Just click your heels twice.

heart on top l final 2 two shoes one mission

Alright, I’ll give it to you straight, I have spent the last couple of hours emptying my heart onto this page, split it wide open, raw, maybe too raw. So I proofed it, questioned it, changed it, proofed it again and it just doesn’t feel like its ready to be shared. What I will share with you is the last couple of paragraphs…

“Later that night I laced up. I knew that the one thing that would smooth my edges would be to put on my running shoes and just work it out, physically, just let it all go.

My running shoes have come to represent so much for me. It doesn’t matter if I walk in them or run in them, heck I can just put them on and they change how I feel.

They offer me a moment to myself, a moment where I don’t have to explain, or share… just be. The only fight is between me and myself. Nothing to prove. I can cry if I want to and blame my teary eyes on the wind 😉 

I can just run it out.

When I won my first pair of running shoes it was as if I was holding Dorothy’s red slippers. A feeling like that is to be shared, duplicated, given…to others.

I have no doubt that every time a Mom laces up a pair of running shoes they will feel the magic that they hold. What a beautiful way to not only help, but to empower.”

I believe in Heart Strides. I hope you will to. Please follow the links below to find out how you can help support our efforts, help moms lace up for life.



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It only takes one.

I am only one

Running my 1/2 caused a little stir, but shaving my head, well that’s a different story. One person, one decision. It’s been an interesting couple of days.

Since day one I have always believed that it only takes one person. One person to read your blog and share it with others. One person to hold the door open for you when your arms are full. One person to smile at you and make your day. One person to give you a chance. One person to find a cure, one person to donate an organ, one person to save a life.

On the days that I wonder what I’m doing, when I doubt my path, when I doubt that one person can make a difference I will watch this video clip. The action of one saved the lives of many, and those lives in turn may have saved the lives of many. I am in awe of the human spirit and the power of one.